Cricket Hill Golf Course Rules

USGA rules will apply except where modified by local rules. 

Wear Proper attire 

Keep all pull carts and riding carts at least 20 feet greens, 

Please keep riding carts on cart paths where provided. 

Please replace all divots, rake traps and repair all ball mark on  greens.

No more than four to a group.

Each golfer must have a set of clubs.

All ponds and ditches are hazards.

All white stakes indicate out of bounds. 

Ball striking overhead wires, another ball may be played. 

Winter rules prevail in all fairways. 

OUT OF BOUNDS: Ball over any fence enclosing property and ball outside any line or markers. Penalty stroke and distance. No relief from fences or O.B. markers. Fend uprights nos. 1 and 3 greens are O.B. markers.

Golf cart operator must have a valid license.

All alcoholic beverages consumed on property must be purchased at Cricket Hill Golf Club. 

No spectators

Rain Check Policy: Nine hole rain check issued on suspension of play with player having nine holes or more to play. 




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